Day: September 2, 2022

Fixing Robie JrFixing Robie Jr

This video started off as just a demonstration of how 3D printing can be used to rehabilitate a vintage toy robot from the 1980s, but evolved into an homage to where I got much of my maker spirit. The Robie Jr. robot from Radio Shack was an instrumental part of my childhood and served as a gateway to so many other interests and passions into adulthood.

Packed with unique features and capabilities, this little guy was the perfect harbinger for the robotic future that was to come, at least to an 8 year old’s imagination it was!

At $460 adjusted for inflation, I realize now how fortunate I was to have such an expensive toy at my beck and call. A personal robot who could literally follow me around and carry snacks on his little serving tray? This was clearly the predecessor to Rosie the Robot from the Jetsons! Our future as a society was certainly bright indeed!

That is until he happened to fail to turn on anymore. My eyes welled as my little buddy would no longer power on…

To find out what happened next, checkout the video! Hope you like it!

Laser Engraving Slate CoastersLaser Engraving Slate Coasters

The match-up of the century!! K40 Laser VS Slate Coasters! In THIS corner…40 Watts of unadulterated photonic energy…VERSUS… the metamorphic material that tends to split along parallel cleavage planes known the world over as SLATE! Will the K40 Laser be able to create awesome engravings on very versatile and classy slate coasters complete with cute little foam feet?? Stay tuned to find out!

Augmented Reality LivestreamAugmented Reality Livestream

This is a small preview of something I have been working on here and there for a while now, an AR or Augmented Reality Twitch stream setup. This is just a quick preview of what I have gotten working so far, and trying to gauge interest if I should reinvestigate this project. It was made using OBS, the Unity Video Game Engine and the Vuforia AR system. I definitely would love to spend more time and develop this idea bit further as I really think the idea is very intriguing!

Secret Sidewalk MessagesSecret Sidewalk Messages

This is a quick and easy summer time project to bring hidden messages and pictures to life! It utilizes a hydrophobic spray and a cardboard stencil with your design. Where ever the spray coats the sidewalk, it repels water, so taking advantage of this property, I was able to make some really cool hidden sidewalk art around my home and neighborhood. Just note that this spray was a lot more long lasting than had originally had hoped, which isn’t an issue for me, but could be for you. Just something to keep in mind!

(Purchasing this item using my product link costs you nothing and helps out the channel. Thanks!)