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Controlling CNC’s with Guitars?!Controlling CNC’s with Guitars?!

Many people like to use a gamepad or controller to move the CNC router around to position it for zeroing out the axis before a job, or moving it out of the way to put down a new workpiece. I have a few left over instruments from my RockBand days, so I decided to use that! πŸ˜€

This video walks you thru how to set it up and hopefully inspires you to use a unique controller of your own! πŸ™‚

I used the following links to help get this idea off of the ground! Hopefully they can help you too!

Xbox 360 Controller Drivers: https://www.microsoft.com/accessories/en-us/products/gaming/xbox-360-controller-for-windows/52a-00004#techspecs-connect

JoyToKey Software: http://joytokey.net/en/

V-Bit Inlay Tutorial with ArtCAMV-Bit Inlay Tutorial with ArtCAM

In this tutorial, I cover V-Bit based inlay techniques using AutoDesk ArtCAM. ArtCAM is a very powerful software that can be more affordable than other options and works with many CNC’s including the X-Carve, like I used here. Unfortunately, right after I learned this software, and started making tutorial videos for it, Autodesk, in their infinite wisdom, decided to shutter it. It sort of lives on now through CarveCo. That might be just what you need for your own CNC art solution!

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Dewalt 611 Router

1/8″ 60 Degree V-Bit

Danish Oil: