After much testing, cutting, sanding and pixel wrangling, I am excited to finally begin taking Maker Stamp orders!¬† They are available with and without a handle if any industrious makers out there wish to craft their own. ūüôā¬† These are great for putting your mark on mail, packages, or even your work where a hot branding iron might not be appropriate.

Click here to head on over to the store to upload your design today!

Note: The current wait time for a stamp can be 2-3 weeks.

If you provide your social media contact in the order notes and spread the word of your order with hashtag #shopstamp I’ll throw in a Geeksmithing sticker or other random shop sticker that you may not have! ūüėÄ

Thanks for your interest and happy stamping!

CNC/ ArtCAM Tutorials!

How my “new” CNC arrived…

Hey everyone!  Sorry for the hiatus!  I am back at it again with lots of new videos coming your way, including a new series of tutorials featuring CNC machines and ArtCAM!  Over the summer, I was lucky enough to get my hands on a CNC (FINALLY) and took a deep dive into all that entails!

I have emerged on the other end with some knowledge and projects I am ready to tackle with it!  I have taken a liking to one particular piece of software called ArtCAM.  This is a package that is specifically gears towards designing pieces for the CNC machine.  While it can do 2D carvings of simple designs, it really excels at adding that 3rd dimension to your work.  3D Relief cuts are where much of my interest lies with the CNC as it gives me another avenue to leverage my experience working with 3D models/ 3D Art.

I have experimented with several techniques and approaches to getting a 3D object cut on the CNC, and I have started to get the process down!  If CNC stuff is your jam, subscribe to my YouTube channel to get notified of when I post the next CNC tutorial video!

Whoa! I won a Prusa i3 MK2 3D Printer!?

In Janurary, I wrote up an Instructables article for my Thwomp Gaming Console build.  There are several motivations behind writing Instructables for my projects.  First off, it is a great way to get more eyes on your work and traffic to your YouTube channel/ other social media platforms. Secondly, I use the images and bits of text for Reddit posts of my respective projects.  Another great motivator are their contests!  They are a fantastic way for me to work towards a deadline to enter and get an idea from the sketchbook to reality. Instructables constantly has contests going on of various themes and origins to encourage people to participate on their website.  For every Instructable you write, you can submit it for up to three active contests.  The prizes can range from a Instructables prize pack (usually an Instructables stickers, patches, and a shirt) to some pretty awesome items like power tools.

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Cement Thwomp Game System

I recently finished my late “entry” for the USB Hub Challenge¬†in support and solidarity of Giaco Whatever’s Concrete USB Hub video¬†which somehow attracted trolls like chum for a shark.

While this project was definitely a handful, it came out pretty well in the end.  Checkout the video below for more!

I am doing a short run of painted and unpainted cement Thwomps that are for sale in the store.  These do not have the electronics in them. Just for display.

Including the emulation hardware is definitely experimental and I would not feel right selling that to someone if it shorts out/breaks 2 weeks later.

If you would like to build your own, checkout the Project Materials list below.  These links are Amazon Affiliate links.  If you want to help out Geeksmithing and keep the lights on, using those links to purchase your materials helps me out a great deal.

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DIY Spaceship Changing Table

I was recently contacted by to create a unique changing table.  After a bit of discussion, we settled on a space theme.  The Photoshop concept drawing below was extremely helpful in establishing scale and appropriate dimensions to get that classic cartoon rocket look. received_10154375736509458 Read more

Mario Themed Bookcase Build

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We have read books to Grant every evening before bed for quite a long time. ¬†His books were stored in a large Rubbermaid¬ģ bin adjacent to the rocking chair. ¬†We never intended for this to be a permanent solution, we just fell into using it after a while. After a time we came to the realization that he needed a proper way to store his growing book and toy collection. ¬†Not just any bookcase would do in this room, no sir! I just¬†had to make it complicated… ūüėČ ¬†Keep in mind that I had basically no decorative woodworking experience up to this point. ¬†After consulting several woodworking friends and YouTube videos, I figured I could give it a proper go!

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Wow, what a whirlwind trip!  This past weekend I had the chance to checkout the Bay Area Maker Faire in San Mateo California, and it was a complete blast!  Robots, 3d printers, cnc machines, drones, robots and makers as far as the eye could see!

The video wrap up will be coming soon, but for not, checkout some of the awesome people and projects I had the pleasure to see!

Chocolate Jimmy DiResta

Last year Jimmy DiResta began a campaign to help raise money for his new workshop he is planning to build in upstate New York.  Not any fun raising campaign, but he was having a figure produced of his likeness by a good friend of his in the toy biz.  They were going to be available in to varieties, painted and unpainted.  When this was announced, I knew that I must get an unpainted one to incorporate into some projects!

Several months ago I ordered food grade silicone and casting¬†chocolate solely for this purpose…to create a confectionery based Mr. DiResta… After many months of waiting the figure arrived, just in time to make a CocoaDiResta to bring down to the Woodworking show in Atlanta to give to the man himself. ¬†I had four days to create the molds and chocolate castings of both Jimmy and his feline pal Spike.

I was able to finish the items just in time to bring them down to the show. ¬†I decided to package the gift in a first generation iPad box to utilize upcycling… something I figured Jimmy could get behind! ūüėÄ

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