DIY Rubber Stamps

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A quick and easy project as a follow up to my Mario Kart Nursery build.  It was a great excuse to get back to basics and do something simple this time around.  The materials are very affordable and the wood components can be any scrap just lying about.

Start by selecting a few black and white logos, symbols or other emblems that you would be interested in having a stamp of.  It could even be some text.  Just try to avoid an image with very thin lines as these can be difficult to carve, and can bend/collapse under the pressure of stamping down.  Using an image editing program or even MS Word, arrange them to appear side by side.  Once you image is complete, print them out on a laserjet printer. If you do not own one, you can also just get a photocopy made of your final image.  Using an iron on a medium temperature setting, place the picture ink/toner side down and start ironing.  The heat will transfer the image to the rubber surface.  Take care as to not remain in one spot for very long as the rubber can deform.  Gently pull up one side and you can get an idea if it worked.  If needed, you can lay the image back down and iron some more to get a darker transfer.

Now just begin lightly tracing your image with a exacto blade or the supplied straight cut blade in the Speedball Linoleum Cutter Assortment kit found in the material listing below. Using the other carving blades, hog out the remaining sections.  Epoxy the rubber stamp to a piece of scrap and you are done!  If you want to go the extra step as in the video, stamp the image to the top of the scrap and seal it with some polyurethane spray.  In my testing, if done lightly, it will not distort the stamped image and seal it so it doesn’t come off onto your hand when in use.

Have fun stamping!

Material listings:
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Speedball 6-Inch by 12-Inch Speedy-Carve Block

Speedball Linoleum Cutter Assortment 1

Clearsnap ColorBox Pigment Inkpad, Black

Loctite Epoxy Adhesive

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