Mario Themed Bookcase Build

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We have read books to Grant every evening before bed for quite a long time.  His books were stored in a large Rubbermaid® bin adjacent to the rocking chair.  We never intended for this to be a permanent solution, we just fell into using it after a while. After a time we came to the realization that he needed a proper way to store his growing book and toy collection.  Not just any bookcase would do in this room, no sir! I just had to make it complicated… 😉  Keep in mind that I had basically no decorative woodworking experience up to this point.  After consulting several woodworking friends and YouTube videos, I figured I could give it a proper go!

etIL5WoI set off on coming up with a design that would fit the theme of the room, and the first natural choice was something to incorporate Mario style bricks and question mark blocks.  These are arguably just as iconic as the character himself!  There were several styles of these blocks over the Mario chronology, but the simplest and most instantly recognizable to me, were the originals.  After doing a bit of maths, I realized that an arrangement of two feet high by three feet wide would translate best to the brick patterns.  To make everything as easy as possible, one block would be equal to one square foot.  In the original Super Mario Bros., one question block was 16 pixels high. That mean that each pixel in the bookcase was 3/4 of an inch.

I set a personal challenge before I began to use primarily dowel based joinery for the assembly. This made things a bit more challenging, but in the end, I think it was worth it.

I learned many new woodworking things through the course of this project. Using a planer, jointer, router and even a chisel were all completely new to me at the start of this build. By the end, it exemplified what I feel my mission with Geeksmithing is, to show others they too can get out of their comfort zone and try something new!

Please let me know if you found this or any other builds inspiring or of any use to you. If you ended up making something, let me know using the social links above. 🙂

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