DIY Spaceship Changing Table

I was recently contacted by to create a unique changing table.  After a bit of discussion, we settled on a space theme.  The Photoshop concept drawing below was extremely helpful in establishing scale and appropriate dimensions to get that classic cartoon rocket look. received_10154375736509458The basic idea was to have modular looking storage panels that were reminiscent of Space Station walls, complete with knobs and even a porthole to view the vastness of space!IMAG0296


One concept included using the table as a play structure of sorts.  This thought eventually evolved into using the lower section as storage and then alternatively an imaginarium for creative play!

This build was interesting in that it utilized many different materials and fabrication technique including woodworking, 3D printing, painting, sewing and working with plastic sheeting.

It was a challenge in finding suitable materials that could curve along the bottom without the material snapping.  I tried thin plywood, fiberboard and eventually settled on a thin plastic sheeting that was quite fun and easy to work with.

There were a few details that were left out of the Fatherly video that were of note, including a hand painted Saturn graphic and even a mobile consisting of 3D printed rockets!

The final video that Fatherly produced was well done as usual, and I look forward to the next collaboration!

Check it out here:

If you enjoyed this project, please feel free to checkout my other builds on my YouTube and Instagram pages linked above!


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