CNC/ ArtCAM Tutorials!

How my “new” CNC arrived…

Hey everyone!  Sorry for the hiatus!  I am back at it again with lots of new videos coming your way, including a new series of tutorials featuring CNC machines and ArtCAM!  Over the summer, I was lucky enough to get my hands on a CNC (FINALLY) and took a deep dive into all that entails!

I have emerged on the other end with some knowledge and projects I am ready to tackle with it!  I have taken a liking to one particular piece of software called ArtCAM.  This is a package that is specifically gears towards designing pieces for the CNC machine.  While it can do 2D carvings of simple designs, it really excels at adding that 3rd dimension to your work.  3D Relief cuts are where much of my interest lies with the CNC as it gives me another avenue to leverage my experience working with 3D models/ 3D Art.

I have experimented with several techniques and approaches to getting a 3D object cut on the CNC, and I have started to get the process down!  If CNC stuff is your jam, subscribe to my YouTube channel to get notified of when I post the next CNC tutorial video!

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