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Mario Themed Bookcase Build

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We have read books to Grant every evening before bed for quite a long time.  His books were stored in a large Rubbermaid® bin adjacent to the rocking chair.  We never intended for this to be a permanent solution, we just fell into using it after a while. After a time we came to the realization that he needed a proper way to store his growing book and toy collection.  Not just any bookcase would do in this room, no sir! I just had to make it complicated… 😉  Keep in mind that I had basically no decorative woodworking experience up to this point.  After consulting several woodworking friends and YouTube videos, I figured I could give it a proper go!

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Mario Kart 8 Nursery

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In October of 2013, we found out we were going to have another kid!  Any sane person would be instantly concerned about all of the logistics that come into play after learning this life-altering news.  Me? I was trying to figure out what nursery theme I was going to choose.  After creating my Legend of Zelda and Yoshi’s Island nurseries, I knew I had to up the ante just a bit.  A Paper Mario room was out, as another guy just made a fantastic one a few months prior.  After searching online a while, there didn’t seem to be any big attempts at a Mario Kart nursery out there, and with the newest version coming out, Mario Kart 8, it sparked my interest.

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