Author: Wes

Legend of Zelda Nursery

As a child of the eighties, few things bring me back to my childhood as much as playing Legend of Zelda while flipping through some issues of Nintendo Power magazine. I would gaze  with envy at the art submissions from kids around the country that were published in the front of the magazine.  I spent many a afternoon drawing and coloring my next submission, hoping to get my work published in a future issue, but to no avail.  This helped unite my love of art and all things Nintendo.

Fast forward to Spring of 2012, when I had the privilege to create a truly heroic room for two close friends of mine…Cole and Casey.  Not of just any ole hero, but Link, the Hero of Time!  My objective was to create a room that exemplified the spirits of courage,  joy and adventure,  not just in regards to a newborn baby boy, but also being brand new parents.  In my opinion, no Legend of Zelda titles epitomize these qualities better than Wind Waker and Spirit Tracks. Read more

Raspberry Pi Powered Tweetcam

CFD0N9tUkAEt2L-Earlier this spring, my wife and I bought some nice hanging flower planters to spruce up our front porch.  It turns out that we weren’t the only ones that liked it.  A pair of house fenches found it perfect to setup a nest and some eggs!  Coincidentally, I had recently purchased a Raspberry Pi 2 and was brainstorming some ideas for potential projects.  The covered location of our porch, availability of power, and adequate wifi range all but screamed potential!  Setting up a webcam peering into the nest to observe them hatch was the obvious direction to go in.  I considered various streaming and web accessible options before coming up with the idea of making it social media powered thru Twitter.

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